Savvy, tenacious, and always on your side.

Shenna’s focus is to fiercely protect her clients’ interests in negotiations and to provide a high quality professional experience. She gets her drive from being a trusted advisor and is passionate about strategy, pricing, and expert analysis. Shenna takes pride in providing excellent results, and earning her clients trust so they continue to award her referrals.

Shenna is very organized, driven and pays attention to every detail. She has personal experience in everything from ground-up construction and extensive remodels to owning rental property and uses this knowledge to provide insight and advice. Her passion for negotiation and her extensive background in banking and mortgage finance are some of her strengths that ensure success for her clients.

Shenna has always enjoyed being a trusted advisor. Her first career was on “Wall Street” as a municipal bond trader and portfolio manager in charge of Tax Exempt Fixed Income Trading at Montgomery Securities. Prior to working in Real Estate, Shenna was a Business Development Manager at Indymac Bank, advising mortgage brokers of how to best structure loans. She analyzed thousands of scenarios in her career and found creative solutions to an infinite number of lending challenges.

“I’m proud every time I close an excellent deal for my clients. When they win, I win!


“Shenna is a great realtor who know the Marin area extremely well! Friendly…approachable…someone who is genuine and cares for others and their needs “ Christine R
“Very organized, timely, patient and truly there to help clients make the right decision for their needs. She would never put her agenda before her clients. She will always do the “right thing” for her clients with a high level of integrity through the process. She is able to truly hear what her clients are really saying.” Misty

“Shenna, Based on our experience together in our purchase I think of you as up-beat, responsive and thorough. I would strongly recommend you if someone were in the market. Sorry, I am just back from Ethiopia and am foggy-brained! Regards, Bob”
“Bright woman who knows her stuff. Has been in the real estate world for a number of years – knows the process from selling to buying to financing. A great mom who knows what families need and who knows the communities she services. Has a global perspective – not just because you were born in another country – I mean you see the big picture too!
You’ll like working with Shenna because she will make the tough decisions easy, sort through the red tape so you don’t have to, and bring a lot of fun into the often hectic, stressful process of buying or selling YOUR home.” Linda L
“A very smart woman with a lot of financial and business experience and savvy. Add to this, she is creative, resourceful, totally honest and forthright. Hard worker. She’s also charming and beautiful and it’s a pleasure working with her. I totally trust her judgment and her ethics. Call her.” Georgia V
“Shenna is… a fantastic force of energy – she’s got great ideas and a uniquely optimistic perspective on things. She’s easy going, easy to spend time with and a whole lot of fun too! “Julia C
“Positive, can-do…get’s it done, proactive, organized, smart and professional” Mike P

“Our family felt so fortunate to have Jeanne Moe list and sell our mother’s home in Novato, CA. Her professionalism, knowledge, and thoroughness were exemplary throughout each stage of the transaction. We would highly recommend her services.”Lowell and Heidi Lannert

“Ms. Jeanne Moe served as our Real Estate agent in the purchase of our home in Point Richmond, California.We were extremely pleased with every aspect of her service.She was very responsive, timely and helpful in answering all of our questions, providing requested information and guiding us through all aspects of the purchasing process.We found her to be highly ethical, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, responsive and upbeat without any “pushiness” whatsoever.This combination of qualities fit our needs perfectly through the extended period in which we were awaiting response from a bank on our offer.We also took Jeanne’s advice in utilizing the services of a mortgage broker she had worked with, and we were very satisfied with her services.